One of my largest projects yet. After increasing anger about the yet existing and working server controllers for TrackMania Forever I decided to make a new one while not using the same PHP library they're all using and not using PHP at all and came up with the idea to use node.js instead since the asynchronous way it works is quite perfect for this specific use.
Being still under heavy work it is extremely lightweight and does not need huge ressources to run and will support many features at a later point. Common features like jukeboxing tracks and downloading them from TMX are planned but not done yet, further features like player statistics and administrative features to edit the database from chat or to sync database with tracklist.
Current features include super easy modularity and automated greeting and a records function is under development.
Only depending on the mysql and gbxremote node-packages you can run it everywhere from where you can connect to the XMLRPC-port of the TM server and the port of your MySQL database.

Currently avaliable via cloning the GitHub-repository.

Digital Scoretable

This a quite simple scoretable designed to be put on a webserver for whatever needs. All you need is a webserver supporting PHP and it'll work fine, but it's vulnerable as all user input is processed without checking if it's malicious or not. Proceed with caution.

Currently avaliable by downloading the script from GitHub Gists.